Frank Mastrianno, MD

          Doctor of Internal 

                Board Certified    

& Family Medicine

                                      Accepting New Patients


                                     466 Old Hook Road, Ste 28

                             Emerson N.J. 07630


                                                                     PHONE: 201-262-0333

                                        FAX: 201-634-0976


We are a solo primary care practice and operate independently from a hospital or multispecialty group. The practice was established over 25 years ago and has its place in the local community. We survive and are thriving despite stiff competition from all the surrounding multispecialty groups because people prefer the old fashioned, slower paced style and the personal touch that our patients receive. 

Unlike the oversized multispecialty groups in the area, we are slower paced, kind, personal and compassionate. We are also efficient in returning calls, renewing prescriptions, scheduling appointments and discussing lab and tests results. 

Dr Mastrianno is on staff at several local hospitals and rehabilitation centers. He is an excellent diagnostician and is well known and respected by his peers. He has been chosen as a NJ Top Doctor over multiple years.                


                                   PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN

Primary care doctors act as the first line of contact for patient care. They are also the principle point of continuing care for patients and may direct and coordinate specialty care within the healthcare system. Internists and family practice physicians (PCPs) represent the traditional primary care workforce. Nurse  practitioners and physician assistants have also entered the primary care arena due to a shortage of medical doctors going into this field. Furthermore, they are cheaper to employ and are therefore less taxing on the ever rising costs of healthcare.  

Internists undergo extensive training including four years of medical school and at least three years in an accredited hospital internship and residency program. Many of us become board certified in our specialties which requires passing a 10 hour long examination. We are also subject to passing periodic recertification exams and earning yearly credits to maintain our license and certifications. 
Nurse practitioners and physician assistants are not required to complete an internship or residency program prior to entering the job market.  

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