Frank Mastrianno, MD

Picture of doctor Mastrianno standing at the counter
                 Dr. Mastrianno
Medical assistant, phebotomist standing next to a full sized skeleton. There is a scale to the right and a chair in front on the left. There is a mirror on the back wall.

                         Maritza                           Medical Assistant/Phebotomist                                                  

Penny, our therapy dog

                             Penny                                           Our Therapy Dog 


Office people standing outside with doctor Mastrianno's shingle hanging on the wall behind them
                  Jessie (Center)                              Doctor's Assistant                     Assistant Office Manager
Front desk medical assistant sitting at her desk
                         Theresa                             Front Desk/Medical Assistant
Biller working at the front desk

                                         Jessica                                              Biller/Medical Assistant


Picture of office manager sitting at her desk with phone against her left ear
Office manager pointing to doctor Mastrianno's shingle hanging on athe wall outside of the office.

                          Stephanie                                  Practice Administrator

                                We welcome you to our medical practice